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Slip into Relaxation with a complete Sensual/Erotic massage....As hard or soft as you like it. My years of experience have helped sharpen my technique as a massage therapist. The combination of good hand dexterity and other gifted traits allows me to offer you the sensual massage you Deserve and Crave.
I will slowly release your tensions with a blend of relaxing strokes on every muscle group on your body using my skillful hands, forearms, elbows, and body. My goal is to have you feeling Rejuvenated, Refresh and euphoric once our session ends.
Note that your comfort is my priority.

If you are visiting the NYC area on holiday or business and don't want to deal with the hassle of getting an appointment with long waits at a spa, or expensive hotel services. Call or message me.

-Discretion and privacy is always respected. Please call me to discuss other terms or request you may have. Let's take care of those fantasies and fetishes...

-Note: Donations are for time spent only. Anything else that may occur is between two consenting adults.

-Open to swapping massage with other masseurs.

Why choose me to be your' personal masseur? Hire me once and find out.

*Photos are recent and real or your session is on me.

session's Preferences

Clothing Style
Lingerie Style
Gift Ideas
Surprise, Handmade gift, Sports gift, Adventurious gift, Clothes accessories, Technology
Food & Cuisine
Global, Asian, Fusion, Seafood, Mix, Ask me
Favourite Places
Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania
Spoken Languages

session's Reviews

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session's basic Info

Body Build
5'9" - 174 cm
145lbs - 65 kg
Hair color
Eye color
Naturally Smooth
Body hair
8 In - 20cm
Safe only

session's Activities

Escort Masseur Massage Striptease Show Dinner Date Domination

session's Fetishes

Oral Anal Role Play Verbal Feet Foreskin Cum Muscle Dirty Talk Spitting Foot Workship Voyeurism and Exhibitionism