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Jocks blog

Hanley_Ethan (24) Cape Town, South Africa

Let's get kinky baby😏😘

Hey you beautiful 😏Who wants to start this week with some Hot, Kinky, dirty, Unrushed Fun that will brighten your day with the most satisfied, unimaginable pleasure.

For Your Pleasure,
Ethan Hanley (Le-Voy)😏😉😎
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Hanley_Ethan (24) Cape Town, South Africa

Who's up For some One-On-One intense Pleasure 😏☘️

Come and join me in a session of some One-On-One intense Pleasure that will definitely leave you relaxed for the remaining week ahead and satisfied beyond expectations 😏😘🏖️
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Alwoy (26) Hyderabad, India

Rich client on 5th March 3rd meet

On 5th March had a blast with client place and moved with different positions and overall ended the Sunday with full funday.
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Savion_james (25) Atlanta, GA


⭐️MaKiN U KneeL & WorShiP Me LiKe U SuppoSe 2⭐️
RAuNCH RaUNCH & Mo RaUNCH👃🏽🐷😈HaViN YoU SniFF uP My FuNKy SweATy PiTz & LiCKiN eM CLeAN WhiLE I BeaT Off TheN LiCK n SniFF On My SweATy LoW HangiN PiSsy SmeLLin BaLLz

✅I Can Come Smellin Fresh Or Smellin Ripe Sweaty & Musty. I Enjoy Being Dominant & In Control But I Can Also b Laid Back Chill & More Romantically Inclined If Its Your Preference Jus Ask Me Or Explain Your Likes.


I LiKe To Dominate Control & Bitch Men Out, Make U Lick Up My Sweaty Funky Ripe Pits N Musky Balls , Smack Ya Up, Spit On Ya Face, In Ya Mouth, PiSS In U, Use U As My Footrest Sniff My Feet , Worship Me From Head To Toe, Im A Feeder Aswell. Leave Ur Doors Unlocked While U Wait Butt Naked On Ya Knees For Me To Come iN, Instruct U Or Humiliate U However I Want & Plz. 1st Timers R Welcome I Can Tone It Down For U, All Type Scenes Welcomed
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Noah_muller (25) Ljubljana, Slovenia


Hi, I'm Noah Colombian, ACTIVE, 24 years old, kind, sweet, affectionate, honest, fun.
If you are somewhat cold and distant, don't worry! you will feel comfortable and carefree
with a playful 20 cm thick. No mistreatment or eagerness.
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Noah_muller (25) Ljubljana, Slovenia

Colombian Latino boy passing through

Hola soy Noah Colombiano ACTIVO de 24 años amable, dulce, cariñoso, honesto, divertido.
Si eres algo fría y distante no te preocupes!
te are sentir cómodo y sin preocupaciones con una juguetona de 20 cm gruesa.
Sin malos tratos ni afanes. acompañar para cualquier tipo de ocasión.contacto
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Hanley_Ethan (24) Cape Town, South Africa

Weekend is near😏🔥Let's have some fun 🔥

Weekend is almost here and I'm ready to have some fun 😘, How about you 😉. Send me a WhatsApp or give me a call if you are up for some unrushed playful fun.
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RoyMejia (39) Norfolk, VA

Happy Valentine Day Massage

Hi There , Treat Yourself For Unmemorable Valentine Day Massage Experience. Book Now For Appointment. Text IsThe Best Way To Book. HAPPY VALENTINE DAY. From Roy Boricua Mejia.
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RoyMejia (39) Norfolk, VA

Best Massage In Norfolk Virginia

What Do You Seek ? A Strong Touch. What Are You Looking For ? You Have Come To The Right Place. Treat Yourself For A Massage And Keep Your Body Strong And Healthy. Do It Now Not Tomorrow Or Yesterday. The Time Is Now. Enjoy And Relax. Book Now For Appointment Text Is The Best Way To Contact Me Roy Boricua Mejia.
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