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Jocks blog

MensMassager (25) San Diego, CA

How to hack affection needs.

Have you ever seen pact animals in the animal kingdom. Literally, all of them have in some form or another touch each other, cuddle, and lick each other. These signs of affection are very natural to the human experience as well but because of society, and the social constructs that emit out of that, they don't allow us to show much affection at all. (No, I am not saying we go around licking each other lol) These signs of affection are reserved for very few people in our lives. Why? hmm I could throw numerous psychological journals at you about the necessity for contact with others. (Disclaimer I am not talking sexual contact, that is a completely different subject) In general, we need to be touched 7 times in any given day to feel connected and loved. That is where my practice comes in. I combine elements of physical therapy, (if needed) massage, stretching, and touch. This fulfills the physical, emotional, and psychological needs.
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khanrehan (25) Mumbai, India

Gigolo Service in Mumbai

If you are looking for some discreet fun and a great time with hot n handsome callboy in Mumbai then you are at the right place. Our Male Escorts in Mumbai are selected for their warmth, appearance, intelligence, humor and charm. We offer exclusive male companionship for a healthy distraction with no strings attached. We represent top independent Male Escorts in Mumbai. So when you want yourself to get pampered, just give us a call, our Mumbai male escort will serve all your needs. call today.
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LucasWeston (22) Nashville, TN

First Blog Post !

Hello ! If you're reading this then thank you, seriously thanks I appreciate it alot. I guess should preface this with the fact that I have not done a blog post before so please don't mind me while I find my bearings.

To start off and tell A little about me ? I'm a true southern gentlemen or at least aspire to be ! I very masculine but also bi-sexual. I enjoy good times and breaking bread and having drink over long conversations and laughter maybe we can share that experience soon ?

I am very skilled in massage and have received training from a prestigious school I won't name here. I'm clean cut, laid back and very professional as well as providing the upmost discretion it's easy to understand why I cater to only the most exclusive clientele.

Please be prepared to speak on the phone before contacting me and also only contact me if you are interested in setting up an appointment the day of contact or soon there after. Thank you for your consideration!
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Sexyboyforu (23) Kitchener, Ontario


I’m 23 years old, dark hair, and handsome. Total boy next door/skater look. Offering the boyfriend experience, sensual encounters and more! open minded and available for day and night OUT CALLS ...

Big d***

big heart

With big load and big one

Very popular

Do outcalls

Available for all gender

Text me for more details
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Yamato (37) Tokyo, Japan

My Inner Musings and Disposition

Hello and nice to meet you again. I am Yamato and am here to give pleasure to your company. I am charming in my own ways and I hope to share the whole of myself to you when there is chance our souls would meet. It is an honor for me to connect with similar souls looking for the perfect release and momentary sedentation. Let us find inclusion in diversity and difference of our natures as individuals.
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Masseurxnxx (33) Cairo, Egypt

Hi everyone

I'm masseur from cairo ,Egypt
If you are seeking someone to have a great time, it would be my pleasure to meet you
Please whatssap me or contact +201113363821
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JDUNkUT (43) Stockton, CA

My available hours are as follows....

UPDATE 2/6/19: On unemployment :( so guess who is currently always available!! Yes thats right!! HIT ME UP!!

I do have a day job unfortuneatly! Unless someone is willing to pay my bills? LOL. Anyhow, I work every day except Saturday's 3pm-4am in Modesto, CA. I do have some Tuesday's off if I don't get drafted to work but that's rare. .. so basically I am needing clients that can do late late nights and early morning's.
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Masseurxnxx (33) Cairo, Egypt

Hello everyone

I'm masseur from cairo ,Egypt
If you are seeking someone to have a great time, it would be my pleasure to meet you
Please whatssap me
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