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Jocks blog

MagickTouch (43) Sacramento, CA


Once You've Felt My Awesome Touch, You Will Be Amazed That Someone Can Actually Make A Person Feel This Good, It's A Massage That Can Only Be Described As Heaven And Arizona Asphalt, Because This Massage Is The Closest You'll Get To Feeling As Though Your In Heaven, And It's Hotter Than Arizona Asphalt. So Come Experience My Heavenly Hot Massage To Heat Things Up...
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XxJAMEZxX (33) Las Vegas, NV

Less Talk More Action 😈

If you are into worshiping a straight guy's body then I'm your guy. I am in shape and take care of myself.

I am a single dad of 4 beautiful children. I am discreet and am willing to try different things for them.

I am also a handyman so if you have jobs done around the house, let me know. I'm more than happy to take a look.

Feel free to message me with what you are thinking.
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MagickTouch (43) Sacramento, CA


Come Indulge In My Hot Massage Services And See Why My Full Body Massage Is The Bomb, And I Really Shake Things Up, Registering A 7.1 On The Richter Scale, So Come In And Feel The Earth Move Under Your Feet As I Work My Magick Touch All Over Your Entire Body. But Be Ready For The After Shocks, Because The Magnitude Of This, Is Just Breathtaking...
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Reyrafa (23) Jakarta, Indonesia

Helo, it’s me Rafa.

I’am 21yo boy from Bandung, i’m newbie here. i travel sometimes to Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya. I can be your baby. if u interest just hit me by whatsapp . Thank you.
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ScottyScott (36) Sydney, Australia


Do you need to escape the stress and fatigue of a long day? Why not treat yourself to a long, relaxing massage with strong hands and nice sophisticated touch? Your cares will soon melt away as my hands soothe and caress you to deliver their special blend of magic to your body. So that you will feel the warmth of my body close to yours throughout the entire experience.
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ScottyScott (36) Sydney, Australia

MALE 2 MALE MASSAGE ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Whether it's at my place your hotel room or in the comfort of your own home. Full-service sensual or erotic nude massage. Located in Parramatta CBD, Only 20 minutes by train from Sydney, Convenient location easy to find, Get the massage you really want, and the service that you most desire
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Ethan_Hanley (24) Cape Town, South Africa

Let's have a Hot 🔥, playful, Naughty 😏 Saturday ❗

Who's keen on spending Today with me and have some Unrushed, Playful, Hot , Sweaty,Pleasurable Experience you won't forget anytime soon😏🔥😉😎
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SergayFag (39) Moscow, Russia

Dirty sex slut / slave for DOM top / Master.

Dirty sex slut / slave for DOM top / Master.
I like anal / oral sex, group sex, gangbang party, sex toys, dildos. Novice in fisting.
I like fucking like a slut!
I'm into all kind of sex - from sensetive to hard, from classical gay sex to BDSM, extreme (sometimes public), and not-format, exotic sex.
Have some special for me in sex? Let's discuss!
Very like to make photo and video sets of sexual acts.
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