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Minneapolis, MN
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Old enough to know but young enough not to say no

Combine the vigor of youth and the wisdom of age and you'll have me. I have always been known an "old soul". I have walked a long and unique road to get here, which makes for a great outlook at life.

My pictures don't do me justice, or so I'm told. I think that it'
s because pictures cant capture my charisma or personality. Beauty is great and all but I focus on the personality. Someone who can make me laugh. Someone who has a hobby and is excited to share it with you. I have a quirky personality that will leave a lasting impression on you. ;)

Sexually I am 100% versatile. I often get asked which one I prefer and after much deliberation the answer is an honest, "I cant choose". I can go with the flow and change things up depending on the flow of my partner. I love cum and I love it even better when its out of sight if you know what I mean. ;) As a bottom I am submissive while still holding on to that "Bad Boy" edge, I was a gymnast in High School and can still throw my legs behind my head. When I top the inner bad boy comes out. I like to show off my body and make the other person beg for what they want from me. Again, These aren't set in stone guidelines, just a bit about me.

I am NOT into body odor, scat, blood, anything related to pain (on me but I can inflict pain), fisting, and toys.

I promise if you get with me its a ride you soon wont forget and one you'll be wanting to take again. :)

Growing up poor I did not get to do a lot of traveling. That being said I am willing to travel to different cities if help in some way is provided. Lets work something out!

Vaughnfearless's Preferences

Clothing Style
Casual, Sporty
Lingerie Style
Jockstrap, Shorts
Gift Ideas
Surprise, Handmade gift, Sports gift, Adventurious gift, Clothes accessories, Technology
Food & Cuisine
Global, Mediterranean, Latin American, North American, Asian, Haute cuisin, Seafood, Fast food, Mix
Beer, Cocktails, Alcohol, Liquor, Soda
Favourite Places
North America
Spoken Languages

Vaughnfearless Interview

Recently Vaughnfearless chose to answer 9 interview questions and was last updated: Jul 25, 2017.
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Vaughnfearless's basic Info

Body Build
5'8" - 170 cm
145lbs - 65 kg
Hair color
Eye color
Naturally Smooth
Body hair
8 In - 20cm
Anything goes

Vaughnfearless's Activities

Escort Photo Shoot Modelling Video Porn Dinner Date Domination Personal Driver Personal Bodyguard

Vaughnfearless's Fetishes

Anal Spanking Rimming Verbal PNP Piercing Cum Muscle Dirty Talk Rubber/Latex/Leather Breasts and Behinds Trio M/M
Vaughnfearless is available for future bookings and online services, but prefers not to meet other people in person at the moment.