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Seattle, WA
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Submissive, +u Bear Prefers Pros

6'3", 43yo, Bearish Bottom (with a bit of a belly), Bearded, Buzzed fond of assertive, masculine men my age or younger who come and go without strings. 25 years poz; undetectable as of 6/20/2018. Latex-free fun is a personal preference; not a rule. I'm a kind, friendly, honest, respectful, and compassionate guy. Open minded, party friendly, keen to be blindfolded, bound, and to explore some boundaries!

Turn Ons: Tattoos, European/Latino men/punks, muscled lumberjacks, smooth jocks, aggressive, assertive, dominant men who don't have to try too hard to exert authority and exchange pleasure. Kissing is important as punctuation. Frottage is the bomb when the friction's in sync, and a little kink keeps things from getting boring. Curious to try some rough, possibly forced submission play & BDSM with my restraints, perhaps testing a boundary or two along the way.

Turn Offs: Inflated egos, entitled youngsters, heroin junkies, and being hustled. No blood; no brown, hygiene is important.

TacomaTallOne's Preferences

Spoken Languages
English , Español, Français

TacomaTallOne's basic Info

Body Build
240lbs - 110 kg
TacomaTallOne is available for future bookings and online services, but prefers not to meet other people in person at the moment.