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San Francisco, CA
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Your new mild-to-wild versatile addiction!

Hi there! :) I am the sensual, catering, and seductive student, businessman, and kinkster that has occupied your deepest desires and fantasies. When you choose to spend your precious time with me, I will be sure to give you an experience you won't soon forget! Always the complete package; I am COMPLETELY VERSATILE both publicly and behind closed doors, and ALWAYS come ready to deliver in ANY situation! I am a student and an entrepreneur, working towards a double major in Mathematics and Philosophy, as well as exploring the development of a consulting program for the sex worker community. Most would describe me as well educated and highly intelligent. I am a giver by nature; my pleasure is derived from your intense enjoyment, and I will always strive to fulfill your every desire. My touch, mind, and body will have you enveloped in an erotic, intimate, and intense experience that will have you falling in love from start to finish! With me, your fantasies will become reality!


I'm into Fetish/Kink/BDSM geared towards exploring and incorporating a variety of fetishes. My interests in this arena are far too vast to list here or via phone conversation or message. If you are contacting me to set up a fetish/fantasy-oriented meeting, please indicate so and give a brief listing of the particular fetishes/fantasies that you would like to explore. An example would be " I am into xyz". Please keep it as clean/general as possible. There will be time to arrange all pertinent limits and considerations in person. Keep in mind if I am traveling, equipment/clothing may be limited, and please try to schedule in advance for interests that might require specific preparation. I welcome anyone who may be curious about something in particular or timid first-timers. As a natural teacher of things, I will guide you on your journey, ever mindful of your needs and limits. I look forward to being partners in your exploration and discovery!

MattAnthonyxxx's Preferences

Clothing Style
Casual, Sporty
Lingerie Style
Jockstrap, Shorts, Thong, String, Bikini
Gift Ideas
Surprise, Adventurious gift, Clothes accessories, Technology
Food & Cuisine
Global, Mediterranean, Latin American, Asian, Fusion, Seafood, Fast food, Mix, Ask me
Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Alcohol, Juices, Liquor, Soda
Favourite Places
Asia, Europe, North America, South America
Spoken Languages

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Body Build
5'7" - 167 cm
140lbs - 63 kg
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MattAnthonyxxx's Activities

Escort Masseur Massage BFE Photo Shoot Modelling Video Porn Webcam Show Striptease Show Dinner Date Domination

MattAnthonyxxx's Fetishes

Oral Anal Kissing Spanking Water Sports Rimming Fisting Role Play Verbal Sado Mazo Wrestling Shaving Toys Chains Socks Feet Foreskin Nipples Cum Groups Tattoos Armpits Muscle 69 BDSM Swing Dirty Talk Milking Nurses Webcam Tickling Spitting Sex Slaves Secretaries Cross Dressing Foot Workship Voyeurism and Exhibitionism Breasts and Behinds Hair Fetish Teratophilia Gangbang Trio M/F Trio M/M