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Melbourne, Australia
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23, Hung, Young & always ready


I’m Jake,

I’m a 23 year old very experienced escort. I’m looking very forward to meeting you ;)

I can go from mild to wild, I can offer the boyfriend experience, I can accompany you to events and dates, and I can make you feel great and have a genuinely good time no matter what we do.
I am very approachable and know how to have a conversation.

I have big thick cock and a nice round ass

I would love to show you a good time and fulfill those fantasies.

If you would like a booking let me know :)

Looking forward to meeting you :)

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Escort Masseur Massage BFE Photo Shoot Modelling Video Porn Webcam Show Striptease Show Dinner Date Domination
EightInchJake is available for future bookings and online services, but prefers not to meet other people in person at the moment.