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San Diego, CA
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Latin Jock 4 You

I’m originally from California and have a pretty laid back and friendly personality,great listener with a genuine interest and curiosity in people's lives. I like to keep things passionate, intimate,amazing kisser. Enjoy both sensual and rough body contact and specialize snd the BFE. I'm a skilled Puerto Rican vers top and have a thick 7.5 cut cock. also can be damn good at getting down and piggy and a expert at most fetish,role-play and Bondage fantasies you may have. take good care of my health and get tested for STD frequently.
Overall, I'm a well-educated, sincere, honest and masculine guy who loves sex. If you've liked what you read so far or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me - I'm pretty good at getting back to guys quickly and I'm always punctual and discreet. Sling and other adult novelty items available upon request to fulfill your fantasies. Just ask 🐷

Travel Locations

  • Boston, MA
    Jan 04 - Jan 09
  • New York City, NY
    Jan 10 - Jan 14

LatinSD's Preferences

Clothing Style
Casual, Elegant, Sporty
Lingerie Style
Jockstrap, Shorts, Thong, String, Bikini
Gift Ideas
Surprise, Handmade gift, Sports gift, Adventurious gift, Clothes accessories, Technology
Food & Cuisine
Global, Mediterranean, Latin American, North American, Asian, Fusion, Vegan, Vegetarian, Haute cuisin, Seafood, Fast food, Mix, Ask me
Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Alcohol, Juices, Liquor, Soda
Favourite Places
Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania
Spoken Languages
官话, English , Español, العَرَبِيَّة‎‎, हिन्दी, Ру́сский, বাংলা, بهاس ملايو, Português, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Dutch, Magyar, ελληνικά

LatinSD's Reviews

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LatinSD's basic Info

Body Build
5'11" -178 cm
190lbs - 86 kg
Hair color
Eye color
Body hair
7.5 In - 19cm
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LatinSD's Activities

Escort Masseur Massage BFE Photo Shoot Modelling Video Porn Webcam Show Striptease Show Dinner Date Domination Personal Trainer Personal Driver Personal Bodyguard

LatinSD's Fetishes

Oral Anal Kissing Spanking Water Sports Rimming Fisting Role Play Verbal Sado Mazo Wrestling PNP Shaving Smoking Toys Chains Socks Feet Piercing Foreskin Nipples Body Hair Cum Groups Tattoos Armpits Muscle 69 BDSM Swing Dirty Talk Heavy Makeup Milking Nurses Webcam Tickling Spitting Sex Slaves Secretaries Cross Dressing Foot Workship Voyeurism and Exhibitionism Rubber/Latex/Leather Breasts and Behinds Water, Thunder and Lightning Hair Fetish Furries Teratophilia Gangbang Trio M/F Trio M/M